Month: April 2016

IELTS test in Qatar and Kuwait – April 2016 (General Training)

Thanks to Y and M, IELTS test takers from Qatar and Kuwait, we can share these recent Writing and Speaking questions: Writing test Writing task 1 (a letter) Write a letter to your friend to inform him/her that one of your relatives is traveling to his/her country and say – Describe your relative. – Why […]

IELTS test in Israel – April 2016 (Academic Module)

An IELTS test taker from Israel (thanks, D!) remembered the following topics and questions from a recent exam: Listening test Section 1. A woman was making a catering reservation for her husband’s birthday. Section 2. A description of new cottages project near a park, including a map of the park’s facilities. Section 3. Students discussed […]

Just Say No to Yes and No: the Why’s and How’s of Avoiding Closed Questions

Do you know the expression “closed question?” It refers to a question that only requires a yes or no answer. And closed questions can be the bane of an ESL teacher’s existence. That’s because when we ask our students questions, … BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets For Busy Teachers Like YOU!

IELTS test in Australia and Malaysia – April 2016 (General Training)

Thanks to H and E we can share the Writing and Speaking questions from two identical IELTS exams in Australia and Malaysia: Writing test Writing task 1 (a letter) You recently read an article in a business magazine about the company you work for. Some information in the article was incorrect. Write a letter to […]