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What are the advantages of IELTS?

IELTS means The International English Language Testing System which is one of the world’s most popular English linguistic proficiency tests. The test is for the sake of higher education in universal migration. There are almost 2 million tests which are taken in the previous year. IELTS accesses your depth in English language. Writing, reading, speaking […]

Who is Southern Cross's Napolean?

Who is Southern Cross's Napolean? Speaking of English: The UK's MOOC FutureLearn has launched what looks like the single biggest free online course with over 400,000 learners — Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests. The course is run by FutureLearn's partner the … Read more on The Australian ielts training Immigration myths and realities The […]

Lastest Ielts Training News

Universities urged to help improve English proficiency Currently, the English certificates recognised by local universities include the General English Proficiency Test, or GEPT, of Taiwan's Language Training and Testing Center, the International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, the Test of … Read more on University World News ielts training Canada: CBIE to build student […]

Lastest Ielts Training News

Study in the UK Choose to study at Liverpool John Moores University and you'll be able to pick from over 300 undergraduate degrees, taught postgraduate courses and research opportunities. Our degrees span the arts, humanities, health, education, engineering … Read more on Liverpool John Moores University High tide for surging colleges India is our top […]

Improve Writing on IELTS General Training Task 1 Writing – Letter Writing

We write a sample IELTS General Training Writing Task 1 writing piece for the IELTS test using the free system Don’t know what to write for the IELTS writing… An IELTS speaking section example by This video is an IELTS speaking section interview example with feedback. This playlist teaches important strategies for IELTS […]

American College of Higher Education becomes the new Test Venue for IELTS

American College of Higher Education becomes the new Test Venue for IELTS ACHE maintains a long term academic relationship with British Council, thus acquiring a prominent place by delivering IELTS training programmes with its US approved English faculty. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an … Read more on Sunday Why English, Not […]