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IELTS tips from Band 8.5 candidate: “Practice, analyse your mistakes and don’t get nervous”

Sai Bhargavi Satti is a lovely young lady from India, whose mother tongue is Telugu. She took IELTS for the very first time after some self-preparation at home and achieved an overall Band score of 8.5 (with straight 9’s in Listening and Reading). As a winner of our IELTS results competition Sai had a chance […]

Urvashi got IELTS Band 8.5 without attending any classes, here is how

Urvashi, a young woman from India who speaks Kashmiri as a first language, has had remarkable success with IELTS – her Overall Band score was 8.5 (with a straight 9 in Listening). We first heard of her achievement when she enrolled in our monthly IELTS results competition, and when she became one of the winners, […]

Simple yet effective things that helped Karan get Band 8 in IELTS

When we asked Karan S, one of our IELTS results competition winners, what contributed to his high IELTS score, he named a few things. They might seem pretty straight forward to you because they are simple enough, but make no mistake – a technique doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to be effective, and […]