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No, It’s Not Arbitrary and Does Make Sense: How to Teach the English Punctuation System

Did you know that you put in a comma in your writing whenever you take a breath? (I assume that means while reading aloud.) How about a period? Well, I guess that’s a deeper breath. You might also try putting a period at the end of a “thou … BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets For Busy […]

The Biggest and Baddest of Them All: 5 Fun Activities for Practicing English Adjectives

Whether you are talking about the big, bad wolf or Little Bo Peep, adjectives are everywhere! They are a basic building block of the English language, and one that’s worth practicing with ESL students. Generally, it’s your beginning studen … BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets For Busy Teachers Like YOU!