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Easy, Breezy Reading Comprehension: 6 Simple Solutions to Boost Student Performance

Comprehension. It is arguably the most important aspect of language learning. If you don’t understand what you hear and read, how can you act upon that information? But thankfully increasing student comprehension doesn’t have to be complic … BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets For Busy English Teachers

Simple yet effective things that helped Karan get Band 8 in IELTS

When we asked Karan S, one of our IELTS results competition winners, what contributed to his high IELTS score, he named a few things. They might seem pretty straight forward to you because they are simple enough, but make no mistake – a technique doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to be effective, and […]

You’re Not in Munchkin Land Anymore: Four Simple Strategies for Teaching Adults Every ESL Teacher Should Know

Teaching adult ESL learners can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. You may be able to relate to your students on a more personal level than if you teaching children, and adult learners are often more motivated to learn independently. But that … BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets For Busy English Teachers